About Niels Jensen

Niels Jensen (May 8th, 1964) was born in Denmark but soon moved to Sweden where he at an early age started exploring his many artistic talents. His first exhibition was in Stockholm 1996. Since then, Niels has exhibited in cities like Barcelona, Shanghai, and Copenhagen, to name a few.
Besides painting , Niels has also been involved in both music and acting. Niels has released numerous albums as well as participated in feature films and theatrical productions. His art is characterized by an urban tempo and a playful hand.
Niels lives and works in Mallorca since 2007.

2018-Painting exhibition, Rialto Living. (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
2017-Director, creator and performer of the show “Fan vad tiden går” played at Victoria Teater in Malmö and Teater Galeasen in Stockholm. (Sweden).
2016-Painting exhibition in Jäger&Jansson Gallery (Lund,Sweden) 2016-Painting exhibition in So Stockholm (Stockholm, Sweden) 2016-Paintings exhibition in Rialto Living(Palma de Mallorca, Spain) 2015-Paintings exhibition in Comerciants de Núvols (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
2014- Paintings exhibition in Infektory Gallery (London,UK)
2014- Paintings exhibition, Lloseta (Mallorca, Spain)
2014-Painting exhibition, Espace Beaurepaire (Paris, France) 2013-Painting exhibition, Infektory Gallery (London, UK) 2013-Painting exhibition, So Stockholm Gallery (Stockholm, Sweden) 2011-Painting exhibition, Zimmerdhal (Lund, Sweden)
2011- Painting exhibition, Catorze Gallery (Mallorca, Spain) 2011-Painting exhibition, Gallery S7 (Stockholm,Sweden) 2010-Painting exhibition, Es Canet (Esporlas, Mallorca, Spain)

2009-Painting exhibition, Havanna (Palma de Mallorca, Spain) 2008-Painting exhibition, Art Raco (Soller, Mallorca, Spain) 2007-Painting exhibition, Art Crystal (Barcelona, Spain)

2007-Painting exhibition, Espacio 3 (Malaga, Spain)

2007-Painting exhibition, Art Raco (Soller,Mallorca, Spain) 2006-Painting exhibition, Red Spot Gallery (Stockholm, Sweden)

2005-Painting exhibition, Red Spot Gallery (Stockholm, Sweden)

2004-Painting exhibition, Studio 14 (Stockholm, Sweden) 2004-Painting exhibition, Copenhagen Art Fair (Copenhagen, Denmark)

2003-Painting exhibition, Södra Galleriet (Stockholm, Sweden) 2002-Painting exhibition, Stocholm Art Fair (Stockholm, Sweden)

2001-Painting exhibition, Shangai Art Fair (Shangai, China) 2001-Painting exhibition, Södra Galleriet (Stockholm, Sweden)

2001-Painting exhibition, Galleri Överkikaren (Stockholm, Sweden) 2000-Painting exhibition, Nybrogalleriet (Sundsvall, Sweden)

1999-Painting exhibition, Nybrogalleriet (Sundsvall, Sweden)
1996- Painting exhibition, Galleri Överkikaren (Stockholm, Sweden)